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Live The Look: 70 Degrees In Miami

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*Hangs head in shame* I’ve become one of THOSE people. The people I once judged. When I moved to Miami, I was so perplexed that any THOUGHT of cool (i.e. sub 70s) weather brought out leather coats and boots. But the longer I live here, the more I realize that perhaps these people are so cold as much as missing fall fashion. And just like that, after 3 years, I joined the club.
IMG_0531I stepped outside on Thursday and it was a bit brisk (around 70) so I LEPT at the opportunity to wear my recently acquired French Connection tee ($20) and Anthropologie Floral Moto Jacket ($80). I bought them both last weekend and when I pulled them out of the bag – MAGIC. I paired the mixed prints with simple J.Crew wide leg black trousers and pointy toe black pumps. Of course my favorite Michael Kors watch and J.Crew bracelet were also on deck.

How are you all enjoying your REAL fall fashion?

You Asked, We Answer: Curly Wedding Hair

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By Kandron

My coworker is all set to be a beautiful spring bride but at a loss with what to do with her hair. It is naturally curly and about shoulder length. She asked me to find some great wedding day styles for her. Here are her requests:

  • TEXTURE!! – no straightened hair for this bride (love this)
  • Some part down
  • NO buns
  • Extensions are ok
  • Birdcage veil friendly

Check out the pinterest board I created for her here:

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 8.42.52 PM

Male Muse: Sockless Loafers

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At Happy Hour last Friday, I was telling my friend how much I LOVE the look of men wearing loafers with no socks. It’s such a cool, hipsterish, Miami sort of thing. [I actually stopped someone on the train earlier in the day to compliment his sockless loafer moment]. So as we were leaving Happy Hour, she pointed out the host’s tribal inspired slippers. IMG_0466

I love that he paired it with a checker shirt. MIXED PRINTS!!!

IMG_0467What an great way to wear a suit!!

Street Chic: Lisa’s Wicker & Bakelite Bag

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This weekend I found fun in the way of the Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club. There were about 35 women in attendance. Of course, the style was incredible across the board. But I was struck by this wicker and Bakelite bag belonging to Lisa, who sat next to me.

She shared with me that the bag had been passed down to her from her aunt. The interesting thing about the bag is the handle and straps were made out of Bakelite – a type of plastic primarily found in 1950s design.

IMG_0477Of course I was drawn to the piece for its contrast. The metal studs bring an edge to the sweet wicker and the bakelite trimmings add visual interest.

What do you think of this vintage bag? Have a special piece you would like us to feature here? Email us at

REWIND – Man Of The Moment: Fall Color Palette

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By Sasha

Photo courtesy of Pantone Color Report

Photo courtesy of Pantone Color Report

Good Morning Gents!!

This fall seasons color palette for the men are just absolutely amazing!!! I am just overjoyed with the versatility of these colors.

Acai and Mykonos blue will definitely be in the hubby’s fall wardrobe. Gents this is a great palette for you to play with. Ladies what is even more amazing about these colors is that we can mix them in with our new fall wardrobe too.

Photo Courtesy of Pantone

Photo Courtesy of Pantone

What colors are you feeling from this palette? Do you need help with your fall wardrobe?

Let us style you or be your virtual personal shopper. Email us for inquiries.

Man of the Moment: Custom Clothes

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Fall is fully upon us. What better excuse to add some new, well tailored, pieces to your wardrobe. I know we’ve talked about tailoring before, but my coworker actually offered up an online suggestion for reasonably priced, made to fit clothing.

Modern Tailor offers custom dress shirts from $19.95 and pants from $49.95. For an entire suit, prices rise into the $300s and around $200 for a blazer, depending upon the fabric. You could easily spend that for a good suit in a department store. So why not get it custom?!?

Plus, one good suit can make countless outfits. The pants could be paired with a sweater for a nice brunch or dinner date. The blazer can work with something as simple as jeans, a tee and loafers.

Have I inspired you? Are you going to a tailor yet?!?!

Shopping & Shenanigans: The Miami Fashion Film Festival Edition.

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Shopping & Shenanigans: The Miami Fashion Film Festival Edition.

Well  that was a mouthful. This weekend’s events were absolutely amazing – unlike anything I’ve experienced in Miami to date. O Cinema housed the events.

[this picture is blurry and I have no idea why. LOL] I kept it cute and casual on Thursday night with black skinnies and a blue blouse from Anthropologie. I’ve been itching to rock my Zara plaid blazer so this seemed like the perfect excuse. As for accessories, I opted for black peep toe shoes and watches & bangles for the wrist. I’m giving you my signature pose to match my signature beehive


In between the viewing for “God Save My Shoes” and the Yves Saint Laurent documentary we waited with cocktails in the Chambord Lounge. I love body forms so of course these wire forms caught my eye.

The lounge also had an exhibit unto itself – “Backstage” by Nicolas Stipcianos



On Friday, I attended the Italian Alta Moda panel with guests Keni Valenti and Anna Chu. I knew of Keni Valenti based on visiting his fashion gallery in Wynwood, which I have also blogged about here, but I had no idea what a true treasure he is. He talked about the roots of Italian fashion, pre ready to wear. He talked about the idea that everything is vintage now. The most interesting thing I remember is him saying (I’m paraphrasing) “unless aliens come down with 4 arms and 6 legs, we are stuck with what we have. Everything has been done – the midi, the maxi, the mini…” I was so intrigued by that because honestly I have found myself bored with fashion of late because everything really has been done. Frankly, I’d rather have it from the first time around hence my love for all things vintage.


Saturday night’s panel was equally fascinating, focusing on building fashion brands here Miami. Each of the panelists spoke of their unique experiences of finding their own fashion “tribe,” as Kelly Cutrone calls it. In other words, those people with whom  you can work and grow your brand. They spoke of how they have found their own respective niches and how Miami is wide open for creatives looking to do the same.


L-R: MUA, Aileen Quintana; Funkshion Fashion Week Founder, Sale Stojanovic; Fashion Producer, Natalija Dedic Stojanovic; Stylist, Calyann Barnett; Publicist, Edison Lozada; Creative Director for The Webster Miami, Camilo Rios

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my weekend.

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